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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunny UK...


After a quick Christmas in France I flew over to the UK to see my family, well, to try and find some short-eared owls. which began promisingly, a known Lincolnshire location did give me some opportunities. I was of course stood in the wrong place. Later in near darkness a kestrel gave us a nice close up on a fence post, pretty much a classic shot for this area.

The day after the wind arrived. I stayed with us for another week and the owls, who hunt by listening for their meal, stayed in bed. I was desperate, I had spent money crossing the Humber bridge, I drive a thousand miles, but no decent owl shots.

Then friday promised a lull in the windy weather. I was ready. I had researched a new location and was willing to drive a few hundred miles round trip. After all, saturday I had to fly back to France!

But the new location was a dream. no wind, some bright spells and a whole load of owls. I think over the course of the day 12-15 birds hovered those fields, pretty special place.

So here are some of those shots, the ones so far edited.