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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Damn, the snow has gone!

Yes, I took an exceptionally long time but all the snow has now gone, I weep. This year I managed many wonderful sub-zero hours in my buzzard spot and was rewarded with 5 or 6 birds who consistently came to feed, all be it later in the day :| As they have now moved on, and the foresters moved in to cut down plenty of trees, I moved too.

Back to the songbird feed for woodpeckers and the now plenty red squirrels. It has to be said that most of my reds are grey or black, but definately red. ;)

For a while I had a resident bank vole too, but he vanished and I wondered why with all the food about. Then this fellow popped his head out of the vole hole.

...and of course, it would not be spring without a bit of bambi and faline.