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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The first frost

Yes, last Saturday and Sunday I awoke to the wondrous sound of cars being scraped. After so many months of sunshine winter finally decided to turn up. So excited was I, at 5am on Sunday I was awake and packing my bag. I had heard the deer calling and knew the rut must have begun, but I was yet to locate any individuals.

Sunday I managed to at least find some deer, both fallow and red, in a 5000 hectare park near here. Easy to find they are not as numbers are carefully controlled and the park is in fact Munich's largest underground water reserve. But find them I did, at 7am, still dark enough not to be able to focus. But I waited. The deer left. I cried. Some came back, one big motha roared and stamped around, a few hinds turned up to watch. Then it was time to go, before the other halves woke up (this way I get to go out again).

So I know where they are and I have around two hours free in which to photograph them again before flying to Florida.



  1. Neil ... Just love the shots. You've captured some priceless moments. The color and clarity are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Dan C

  2. Lovely series of shots Neil. Love the DOF and gorgeous colours.

  3. Neil,
    Great shots....It does look prety cold out there and I think in one photo the stag is eyeing you up as a potential mate??
    john n kate