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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Profiles? Here is a shot saved for web as per my normal workflow... urghh.

This is also a test to see how this looks at work, you see I have a new monitor and everything looks wrong suddenly!

This one save as, Adobe RGB, look better? Please tell me :(

Finally after much calibration and new cables... the right version :) no actually this look terrible in FF and the same as image 1 in IE.... WTF?

So another little test this time no embedded profile?

1 comment:

  1. Neil these Dell monitors are wide gamut, typically 110% Adobe RGB. So using non colour managed applications like windows picture viewer your images will typically look way over saturated or very warm. You should be using your spyder created profile with lightroom and CS5. Before saving for the web convert the profile to srgb and save for web with colour profile embeded.
    Colour managed web applications like firefox will display this correctly. Internet explorer will show the horrendous version as it is not colour managed. However, this is only on your and anybody elses machine who has a wide gamut monitor. The vast majority of photographers these days do not use IE as a browser because of the lack of colour management.