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Monday, June 25, 2012

Little things again.

It must be the time of year. A sudden urge to find the small stuff and get closer. So armed with a previously found bargain, 300 f4 IS and TC I setoff in search for bugs.

Although many proclaim the 300mm lens a "nearly" Macro I have to say that is complete BS. 1.5m at 420mm does not get you all that close. I tried it with an extension tube and yes you get a bit closer at the cost of light and Autofocus speed and accuracy. Best used with just the TC then. It is a pretty sharp combo but I will not be shooting ticks and ladybirds with it.


  1. Superb shots, Neil. I use the 300 f4 IS for all my butterfly and dragonfly shots, it's up there with the best macro lenses and gives a perfect working distance for flighty subjects.

    Love the grasshopper shot :)

  2. Cheers Andy. The wind was blowing some so I think the AF had problems with a tube on. Look forward to trying more.

    Mis felicitaciones. Saludos.