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Monday, February 25, 2013

The 5DmkIII, a quick review.

In short the 5DmkIII allowed me the space I needed to get stuff in the frame, where the 1.3x crop of the 1DmkIV was too much the 5DIII took over. I would love to say it is fast and amazing but the 6fps are just a touch too slow, the buffer is a touch too small and the batteries do not supply enough power to the AF module so it is not as snappy as the 1D series.

That said the AF is customisable, accurate and comprehensive. Really quite impressive, I can only dream of what the 1Dx is capable of. 6fps is probably enough for most situations but these buzzards of mine are quick and I miss having those inbetween frames you get at 10fps. But OK, the 5D AF is accurate enough to nail you important shots, the unfocussed ones are down to user error. Me basically.

I was shooting at ISO400, so I will not coment on IQ just yet but the images are full of full frame goodness and at ISO400 there is no noise to speak of.

It is a very balanced camera, at long last a 5D which is useful for more than just snaps.


  1. Good luck with the new camera Neil, and looking forward to seeing more Buzzards!


  2. That's a timely review, Neil - I'm planning on getting one in a few weeks time! I'm still chugging away with an old 1d mk3 so it should be quite an improvement, performance-wise! I'm not a machine-gun photographer - I limit my 1d to 3fps! - so 6fps should be ample for me. I just want reliable focusing!!

  3. Cheers guys. Definately and upgrade Simon, you will love it compared to the mk3 and you will even be able to crop 1.3x and have more pixels on subject! Bargain.

  4. I bought the mk3 late last year Neil, and I love it. I haven't done much action with it, like my dogs, as I find it too slow, but so far for birding, it has been great. Not that I have done much, been too darned hot, and now just too wet! But that image you liked of mine on ipf, of the egret and the eye between the wing feathers was a big crop. Can't believe how much you can crop with that camera.

  5. Tina, I find at low ISO the images can be cropped down to 8 or 6MP and still look great, saleable even. Higher ISOs lose croppability but the fine grain (which honestly is no better than the 1DmkIV or 5DmkII) makes images easy to process and noise reduce.