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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dogs and their rather stupid owners...

So there you sit, secluded in the trees and having waited two hours or so you are ready to go as the deer are moving in the bush. When suddenly three large white dogs barking madly, come pounding towards the trees. They dive in and within seconds half a dozen deer dash not three feet from me across the field, chased by the evil hounds. I figured things may settle down, and waited ten minutes... low and behold three red anorak clad muppets came bounding over the field. At this I packed up and set off for the car.
"Have you seen any dogs?"
"Er" kiss my spotty arse you stupid Kraut "NEIN!"
"Don't you think the dogs should not be chasing after heavily pregnant deer?" I added in my heavy Bavarian accent. I am a great believer that people with dogs should be trained on how to train them, or at least the owners should be trained (or flogged).

So I whisked myself off to plan B and set myself up at the far side of a nice grassy field. Of course the deer appeared at the near side. One did eventually potter over, but the light was as ever, going.

Sunday I had another chance, roll on the next French election day. This time I sat at the near side. Low and behold a hare and three deer appeared at the far side. The hare did lots of playing, jumping and eating...right where I was sat the day before.

A cute couple did come out about half way but even then it is a bit far off. Eventually in near darkness I did get a close up buck, too close of course, where is that 200-400 Canon?