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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early riser

Up early today, check the stealth cam before work and shoot some critters, which I know will be about at 5.30am. They are still not sure about cars despite the fact they drive past all day. But still managed a few in the dewy fields. All taken at 700mm on the 7D.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time off...

...for good behaviour means I dash straight for my favourite field. There are a number of hares around, presumably young uns, and some roe deer. They are all a bit skittish once hunting season starts though, so it is a game of patience.

 This is my first young deer, perhaps born early as it was quite large ut still has the white spots on its flank.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Little things again.

It must be the time of year. A sudden urge to find the small stuff and get closer. So armed with a previously found bargain, 300 f4 IS and TC I setoff in search for bugs.

Although many proclaim the 300mm lens a "nearly" Macro I have to say that is complete BS. 1.5m at 420mm does not get you all that close. I tried it with an extension tube and yes you get a bit closer at the cost of light and Autofocus speed and accuracy. Best used with just the TC then. It is a pretty sharp combo but I will not be shooting ticks and ladybirds with it.

The human parasite...

... takes another species to its grave.

RIP Lonesome George. I am glad to say I got to see him a few years ago on an amazing trip to Ecuador and the islands. Unforgettable.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lets think about it?

My good friend and much respected maestro of photography, Bill Lockhart, has just gone and gotten himself a D800. Yes, a Nikon. He finally decided that Canon were not evolving and decided it was time to try something new and  evolutionary. He has spent a week getting used to it. There seems to be some pain involved. Lots more buttons, usually in the wrong place. New lenses needed etc...

So you think, hmmm, sounds good that...

But then you sell a shot, not your best work by a mile but it sells. Then you get some more shots in a magazine. Which is great until you realize they want shots from way back when, taken on a 350D with kit lens. The processing sucked, I did not know what contrast was, I always warmed shots up until they started to burn, my Cokin filters added a colour cast and the rule of thirds was unknown. But they want the shots in their next issue, and maybe one for their calendar. Then you realize that all the money you spend on new lenses, bodies and hardware was sort of wasted since your old 350D and kit lens made more money for you than the rest of your kit put together.