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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A lesson in flexibility

I will not fib, I tend to overlook that which does not interest me. Take landscapes for example, I began taking pictures because of them. Waterfalls and the hills of Yorkshire, breathtaking scenery which had me going back every week, for more. Then my old love came back to haunt me, wildlife. I used to draw things from books and watch Survival and Life on Earth on TV, I loved it. Now I have the chance to not only capture but to see first hand natures beauty. But this constant desire for living things has meant I don't use half the lenses I own, nor the filters and remote release cables...

So stood atop a viewpoint in Mauritius, admiring the Chamarel Falls (despite the lack of water), I had to think back on how I took a wide shot. Low ISO, mirror lockup, f16!!! Even got the old CPL out and blew off some dust. Need to frame with foreground, middle and background. I even got some clouds to gather to finish things off ;)

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