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Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter blues

Unlike most people my winter blues begin when spring arrives. I love winter, I love waking up to a foot of snow and digging the car out. I love sitting in my hide unsure about what might happen, but knowing my forest friends may appear for the small gift of food I give. So here is my winter round-up, 2 months ago I was worried I would have little to show for my buzzard addiction, in the end I got more than I bargained for but not quite what i wanted... ho hum.

I was inundated with GSWs too.

Then this one arrived, and disappeared again

and there was always plenty of small stuff about

I thank my lucky stars that I am able to take pictures like these five minutes drive from home.


  1. I'm the same as you Neil! Winter means local Bitterns, and late sunrises and early sunsets! Cracking Buzzard shots, at least you've got something to aim for next winter!


  2. Cheers Oscar. Some brilliant shots you got of them Bitterns, wish I had some!

  3. Thanks Neil, hey, I wish I had Buzzards! ;)