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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Time flies.

Wow, I have just realised i failed to update my blog since april 2013. For that I am truly sorry. Of course there is always a good reason, and that would be my lack of really great photos for the past 11 months. Over the summer I travelled to France, Corsica and the UK but could not find any suitable wildlife to shoot. So it was lanscapes. Here is one on the beach in the seaside town of Berck, France.

October we had a week in the Ebro Delta, Spain. My birthday suprise. Quite possibly a place worth visiting again, the immense rice field landscape was mostly filled with egrets and herons but I am sure in spring the migratory species are greater in number.

Autumn was so-so with a few wild boar scrounging for apples and acorns. The rut? What rut, I visited my local red deer area as often as I could but did not once hear the mighty roar of anything other than some kid on a scooter!


Then comes "winter". Over christmas period I spend a few days in Norfolk looking for barn owls, in the end looking for any bloody thing. The washout that is England at the moment must have driven most survival hungry rodents inland, away from the sodden fields and rescue boats. Yes, the ground really is that sodden.

I did though manage to find some grouse in the dales.

So I sit it out in Munich, waiting for the snow, waiting for the -20° mornings.... and still I wait. We have had the sum total of 1 inch of snow here, despite Austria getting covered in Biblical amounts. I make do with squirrels near work and in the forest.

My fridge is full of buzzard bait and will probably be full of it until next winter. A complete waist of time, almost suicidally so.

But then a Facebook friend, Marcin, put out a last call for people wanting to join him in his eagle hides... and so I was off at the end of February on a new adventure!

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