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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Public access

In Germany nature is public access, unless in a Nature Protected area. Many areas are privately owned, but still open to the public. This is great, means I can plonk myself down wherever I will and take pictures. But this also means anybody else can disturb my peace, should they so wish. So it was on Saturday. On Friday evening after a long day trying to shoot jays I moved off to a grassy clearing where I had already witnessed red and fallow deer grazing. Evening came and eventually I was rewared, all be it from a distance, with a pair of hinds and their offspring. Brilliant. Tomorrow I will choose a better hiding place!

Saturday here was a warm, mild November day. The sun was out, which meant the walkers, cyclists and joggers were out in force. Mostly this is fine, I can hide myself off the beaten track. After another hard day, really hard, with the jays (and mosquitos) I set off for an evening at the grassy clearing. Except somebody had decided upon this exact spot for a picnic and a game of badmington. I moved on, dejected, knowing that we all have a right to enjoy nature (although I do not count playing badmington as appreciating your surroundings).

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