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Friday, November 12, 2010


So there I was thinking "Oh no, not more shots of the same boar" when I remembered my 24-105 in the bag. I figured what the heck, lets try something different. Knowing mothers inquisitive nature, I think she knows about humans and food, and her non-aggressive attitude towards me (so far) I got on the floor with my angle finder and waited. Did not take long before she vanished into the trees with her clan, only to re-appear alone in front of me. I have noticed whenever she investigates anything new the babies get chased into the trees. If they try to wander out for a look she chases them back again. 
It took her a while but eventually she came close enough for some 24mm shots, on my 7D. Not the best, a CPL might have helped, but I am pretty sure that is as close as I want her to get for now, after all with my hat on I probably look like a super jumbo acorn!

7D, 24-105 IS L, 400 ISO

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