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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Planning is everything...not!

So I had four days free, mother-in-law visit, what to do? So, fours days in the forest with the 500 f4 IS? No brainer! I had planned on getting better shots of jays and baby boar, if they played nicely. Planned being the operative word.
So you set yourself up on a quiet stretch of path where you know the jays will arrive and pick up scraps from wandering forest visitors. Arrive they do some, forty meters up the path. After a few hours of waiting for them to work their way down to you, and they nearly do but get full bellies before reaching you, you wander off dispondent. Waiting a further two hours in another spot brings you nothing and thoughts of taking up golf enter your head (but not for long!) ;)

Eventually moving to another known spot where a previous feeding of nuts and seeds (in a hole in the tree) should bring something. Hmmm, great tits and nuthatches, oh good.

All of a sudden a great spotted woodpecker arrives and has a mooch around. At last, ACTION! The day got better from then on but I still did not get the shot of a jay I was really after. Something for weekend perhaps? :)

7D, 500 f4, 1.4TC, 800ISO f5.6

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