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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So now I have a 500mm lens. Great, I spent all my money and now require nothing else in the world? Er. Except maybe a new camo cover, white lenses look odd sticking out from green camo. New Kirk tripod foot would also be a good idea, save my current plate coming lose all the time. Better Beamer too, to illuminate those far off creatures. Lens cap, neoprene of course, as I hate Canons idea of a cap (more like a heavy leather bag). Oh, and of course my Vertex 100 is a girls bag and I need something big enough for the 500 :( It is adding up.

But as I was browsing the rucksacks in an expensive camera store a thought came to me. So next day I spent my lunch hour looking in the supermarket. V Markt here is rather large and sells everything. So I got one of these:

30€. Big enough for the lens and then some. It weighs a kilo, not two-plus like the Vertex or even more as with the Vertex 200. It is not padded, waterproofed or badged with a cool name, but my lens fits and it is camo coloured :) my new forest back pack. If it rains I will carry a bin liner. I may even use it in Africa someday, saving weight on handluggage is no bad thing.

So I can afford the camo cover afterall :)

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