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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nature, it KNOWS!

The scenario: bird food on a log. 600mm of lens pointed at log. Wait for jays to land on log.

3 hours later, wild boar arrive and jays are not to be seen. Change to 420mm of lens and shoot away at baby boars. Jays arrive. Change back to 600mm. Jays land behind log, behind a tree or in the long grass. Back to 420mm and shoot more boar because jays know. Jay lands on log now....dang, I swear they know! So for reference I shot the jay, cropping with high ISO ont he 7D is not a good option, but it was that or nothing. I need a zoom, come on Canon, 200-400 f4... :)

7D, ISO800, 300 2.8, 1.4TC

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