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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes a suprise

I have found wild boar to be shy, difficult and also curious creatures. The forest park near Munich where I find these creatures, wild, is frequented by many people but the wildlife is still wary. Occasionally however a hungry mother will get the scent of food in her ultra sensitive nostrils, leave her litter in the undergrowth and boldly approach. The photographer meanwhile is not sure whether he should press the shutter or scarper, so I did neither, for while.

Not three or four meters from me she shovelled through the grass and twigs looking for something. She eyed me at all times however, unsure what the big green camo sheet was. At no time did I feel threatened. Her litter were safely hidden in the trees and I was as still as could be, respecting her right to charge should I make any sudden movement. My heart was pounding with exhileration though. I sat mesmerized. This is where I belong, not behind a desk in an office pushing polygons. What a high, coming this close to wildlife, wildlife which weighs as much as I do and could have made short work of me with those tusks. But she had no reason. I wish I had had a wider lens, but this shot at 100mm shows how close we were.

Eventually she grew bored, or hungry, or both. Bring on next Sunday!

7D, ISO 800, 100-400 @ 100mm f4.5

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