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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So there I was, waiting an hour for the jays to get confident enough to land on the log. You need a certain level of self control, start clicking the shutter as soon as one lands and he may not land again, so you wait, till he is in the right spot. This means of course they get a free feed until you are sure you have it right.

I thought I had it right. The background is not quite far enough away to be blurred but I came home happy, I got one shot with a jay in the right spot. Hurrah for me!

7D, 300 2.8 @ 600mm 5.6, ISO800.

Spot the imperfection? You will need to click on the image and look at the larger version. 

Still not sure? Well, this fellow has a peanut in his beak, obviously from a previous raid. I thought it was perfect, until someone on a forum spotted the nut. Now I have to go back again, next week. Grumble. ;)

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