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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bluddi sparrows

A little background. We have a balcony. It is a large balcony on the first floor, also acts as a roof for the ground floor appartment. I put out seed for the birds, mostly because my daughter found them fascinating but also just because I love watching them. As I sat here today waiting to test my new purchase I noticed in the surrounding gardens quite alot of activity. A greater spotted woodpecker frequents the neighbouring apple tree. A flycatcher frequents the willow. A bull finch frequents the fence of the next house. Greenfinches pop in and out of the apple tree. Jays squark as they leave the oak tree in the school yard and land on the roof over yonder. Nowhere is there any gratis, for free and for nothing, bird food available. 

So why is it that on my 'free food for all' balcony I only get sparrows. I get lots of sparrows mind you, but only sparrows. Maybe in January I will get a blue tit or two, but mostly sparrows.I have tried maize, corn, sunflower seed, meal worms...still only sparrows.

So here is one of the little b**gers. 

7D, 500 f4, 1.4TC, f5.6

More on the lens later ;)

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