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Friday, October 22, 2010


When one is rendering things in 3D software one generally is unable to do much else but watch the screen as the percentage slowly increases. So instead, I will add a few shots and thoughts from last year.

The pause (or in German "pause" meaning rest).

After visiting Kruger National Park before, and seeing very little of interest, it was amazing to spend a week with a fellow togger and spot six leopards. Not all up close, like this one, but still amazing.

Along with the leopards we saw over thrity lions, some big, some small and some in morning light, just chillin'.

One, just strutting his stuff.

Everyday was a new high for us, until we figured we had had our fill. Then on the very last morning we got the one thing we had been waiting all week for, and is quite a rare sight in Kruger.

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