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Monday, October 25, 2010


So it is. You are the proud new (ish) owner of your most longed for lens and all you wish to do it go out and make sure it works right. But of course it is raining. So you need to mount your flash on the camera, up the ISO to 1600 and hope that you can see sharpness through the noise. You go out with every intention of shooting jays and finches, but come home with only pictures of wild boar. Thankfully my family are still in the same territory and largely ignore my presence. Well, it is nice that they do but they were a little too close for testing a 500mm lens. Dang. Oh well. About the lens.
It is huge. I had fancied the 600 f4 but am glad I saw sense. At 3.8kg this thing sounds little heavier than the 3kg f4.5 version, but it aint. It is a bugger to transport when you are on a bike, but luckily fits in my new ruckack (20quid from the supermarket, yes I know but it is light and does the job and is camo coloured). But as the sparrow shot shows it is sharp wide open, even wth TC. Not as sharp as the legend, 300 2.8 IS, naked but works better with TCs as I only need a 1.4 now. Bokeh too is nicer. I think I am in love.

7D, 500 f4, 1600ISO, flash for fill

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