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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Success, partially.

It has been six months since my parental leave ended, during the last few months of that wonderful time I had chance to spend time alone doing what I love. Photographing wildlife. I spend around six weeks towards the end trying, in vain, to get a half decent shot of wild boar offspring. Recently though I discovered the forest once again and found me a new family.

Only having six hours a week, Sunday mornings, to spend doing this I have little hope of ground breaking images. But I try. This week I waited patiently for three hours or so in a known spot, a passing male entertained me for a few minutes but otherwise nothing. Then as I was packing away my gear, they arrived. As usual mother wanted her children to stay in the darkness and security of the trees. As usual the little 'uns disobeyed. It was dark and shaded, my ISO was at 800 (this was perhaps not enough) and my throw over hide was only half over.

So my images are a little on the noisey side. Most were blurred and useless. One or two I may manage to salvage. Like this one perhaps?

7D, ISO 800, 300 2.8 IS, 1.4TC @ f4

I often think I do not require an f2.8 tele lens, then on a day like sunday I think "Wow, a 400mm f2.8 would have been a godsend!"...grumble, too many options in life and no perfect solution!

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