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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wildlife is always hungry!

I really do not want to feed wildlife, it is a sin to make wild animals dependant on man, for then they would no longer be wild! I will of course try to temp birds with tidbits, they are usually so fast they do not realise you are there. But sometimes things do not go smoothly. Like the jays. I had placed peanuts on the back of the log to attract the jays. From experience I KNEW absolutley that the wild boar would appear further up the track on their daily patrol, meaning I would not need to remove tele converters to shorten my focal length and they would not find the nuts. Perfect?

Hmm, nature bestowed upon wild boar a brilliant sense of smell. Damn.

7D, ISO800, 300 2.8 IS, 1.4TC, f4.

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