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Friday, October 15, 2010


Having had little time this week to process any of the dismal shots I took at the weekend I looked back. One shot I thought worthy of posting today was a real one off, for me at least. There I was, patiently waiting in my new hide for the green woodpecker to land on the ant hill and start digging. The green woodpecker did not appear, but a lone young fox just happened along. I took two shots before he made a run for it. One shot was pure motion blue, it was very early and quite dark. The first of the two however was keepable, not perfect as my Sigma 500 f4.5 had no stabilizer and was not that good wide open.

But it was usable and foxes are rarely seen during daylight hours here in Bavaria. This is a rare shot! So rare infact that colleagues who lived here all their life wondered how it was possible, seeing as they never got a glimpse of one, not alive that is! So I came home happy that day despite, to this day, never getting the green woodpecker!

5D, sigma 500mm f4.5

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