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Monday, January 31, 2011

The meaning of life

It used to be that I thought fishing was the meaning behind life, it was calming, peaceful and allowed me to be alone. Then I moved to Germany, not that they are all bureaucrats but I would need to do lessons and an exam here to get a license (no really!), then I have to find a club, wait for someone to die and leave a space...all with relevant forms to fill out. So I don't fish anymore.

But sitting in my hide yesterday, it was -10°, it came to me that the meaning of life is watching buzzards. They sit for hours and just watch, the food is going nowhere so they wait. Which means I have to wait. All good things and all that. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching wildlife but to get close to a creature as shy as the buzzard (buteo buteo for our US friends) is simply mind blowing. I love it. Peace, quiet, solitude and buzzards. Bliss.

1DIII, 500 f4, 2xTC

Of course, they do not always land where you expect, like the wonderful old moss covered knarly branches I slaved over... but the jays, for once, landed where there should....but I was not geared up them....typical.

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