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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Close but no banana

Buzzards. They are large birds. One would expect to hear them coming, get your shutter finger ready and fire off some cool landing shots. But no, they are phantoms and simply appear. It takes only one second of distraction, pouring a cup of tea from the thermos usually does it, and there they are. Sitting, patiently, watching, waiting, listening. Always on the wrong too it would seem, be it the fence post or the dead tree, they still don't land on mossy perches. So getting any shot of a landing buzzard, allbeit a bit late, is an achievement for me. I am getting there.

Thanks to Edwin Kats for his kind words and advice on processing, I have alot to learn. His pictures speak volumes - Edwin Kats

1DIII, ISO400, 500 f4 L IS

1DIII, ISO400, 500 f4 L IS

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