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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yeh, I admit it, I only got this shot because the 1D is so damn fast. If the woodpecker can get this close to the edge of the frame with 10fps I would have gotten nothing with my 7D at 8fps. Surely Canon should bring out a 12fps camera, maybe a 1.6 crop with 12MP or so...if they can pump 8fps with 18MP then surely they can do that :)

Having used my 7D again at the weekend I have come to the concolusion that Canon are idiots. Or not, when it come to making money. The 1.6x is nice to have for a wildlife tog, but 18MP is not necessary. 10MP is not quite enough, especially on the 1.3x crop 1D, especially considering most stock agencies need at least 10MP files....that does not allow for cropping much. The ideal camera would be a 1.3x crop with around 16MP...oh wait...but look at the price! OK, a 1.6x crop with 12MP and better AF, becasue using the 500 with a 2x TC is cool, and useful!

Or maybe I should just take more pictures instead of worrying about the pixels. Stick my 7D on mRAW, reduce the noise and use the 1D whenever I can for bigger critters? But the 1DIII does not have we go again :(


  1. Nice blog, great photos especially the Wild Boar.

    I lived in Munich from 1996-98, it's a great place. I wish I'd been interested in photography when I lived there, I saw some nice birds even in the city................

  2. Told you a million times bud - Mk IV.

    16mp, awesome ISO performance.
    Sell your 7D and Mk III. Get a Mk IV.