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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The thief of always.

On Saturday I setup a new perch for the buzzards, hoping they would land on a more natural looking piece of wood. I also added a closer perch, with lovely nuts and stuff hoping the jays would keep away from my buzzard bait. Of course, it did not work and they prefered fresh rabbit to peanuts. Damn. The woodpecker seemed happy enough though.

 1DIII, 500 f4
1DIII, 500 f4, 2xTC


  1. Hi Neil,
    Cracking shots of the Jay - one of my favourite birds and I'd be over the moon with shots like these even if the Buzzard was a no-show :)
    I'm also loving the Buzzard shots you've been posting - superb. I've started baiting the local Buzzards and I've noticed how many Jays there are also around. Similar to your situation! :)

    All the best,