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Monday, March 26, 2012

A close shave

Spent a few hours on saturday evening with my deer. They were already out in the field when I arrived and of course they fled. Then the wind started blowing my scent straight into the trees, I could hear frantic deer beating a retreat. But after a couple of hours of waiting the wind dropped and the light became diffused. Of course my regulars came back but with constant scaring from passing cyclists or walkers. They really very very shy indeed. A priviledge to get so close, I really do enjoy roe deer above all other deer. Especially when the start dancing about, and running straight at me, a rare priviledge. My throw over hide is really working well, providing I can stay out of the wind. Despite hearing the shutter of my 5 and 7D, they looked without fear and saw nothing to alarm them. Brilliant.

By the time I get out again I suppose their coats will be sleek summer jackets and their horns bared for battle.

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