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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It is all about being there.

So they say. I have to say there are many times in my life I have been very happy to just "be there". The night in Kruger Park we did a night drive and one lion pride was roaring and displacing another pride from its kill. The noise was amazing, the atmosphere thick with blood and hormones. Even if I could take a shot in the dark, it would not have done justice to the scene before us.

Likewise on Saturday, as darkness fell, the roe bucks started roaring. All around was the sound of running deer and the constant braying of the big males as they build up to spring and summer. It was amazing. That I managed to get some picture shortly before is great, but you cannot hear that party.


  1. Really enjoying this series of shots, Neil. Keep 'em coming!


  2. I am away for a few weekends so will not be able to add to my shots nor follow the progress of the moult :(

    Thanks Simon!

  3. Sounds amazing.....just like that Kruger night. You got yourself some nice deer shots recently!