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Friday, March 23, 2012

Just some deer

Contrary to what I last posted I have decided the 5DmkII, despite its amazing IQ is a piece of crap. It cannot focus in the best of light, when it comes to the darkest of light it is downright pathetic. I even resorted to the 7D, at ISO1600, not something I do lightly....but at least it can focus, with any point.


  1. Good looking images Neil, second shot is a beauty. Wish my 7D would focus, there are times when it is so far out you would not believe.

  2. Resort to a 7D! I dream of the day I open the box to a spanking 7D! Lovely deer shots.

  3. Guys, the 7D is a great camera but not at ISO1600, I refuse to listen to people who tell me how good it is at ISO6400...twaddle. Maybe if I go D800 I won't care anymore :)