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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The best best camera for wildlife?

I have used both the 1DIII and the 7D for some time now, the 7D for well over a year. When I bought the 1D I was looking for reliability, durability and speed. The high ISO performance is a bonus but the low res sensor is not. The 7D on the other hand is just a details machine. Used within its limits, which for me would be ISO800, it just exudes details. At ISO400 you get an almost perfect capture which can be printed HUGE.

BUT the 1D has that speed and smooth IQ, less noise = more detail, it is great but even the shots at ISO100 only go so far, 10MP is an A3 print, not much more. Cropping any shot from the 1D would require some upscaling in order to sell stock, which I am working on doing. From the 7D I can crop around 8MP and still upload it to Alamy. Quite useful espcially as I already have the 1.6x crop factor compared to the 1DIII's 1.3x.

BUT the 7D cannot AF at f8, but does it need to as I already have the 1.6x Crop factor and can use a 1.4TC with my 500mm. Giving 1120mm at f5.6. The 1DIII with a 2xTC Gives me 1300mm F8, but only 10MP! Bugger. Means I can shoot the 7D at f5.6 and shave off some pixels fromaround the edges and get the same result.

So what I really need is a 1DmkIV! Gives me more pixels to shave from, gives me the build and speed. I get high ISO capabilities so far unknown to Canon bodies.....but....I shoot alot of timid, we are talking scoot at the slightest noise, wildlife and the 7Ds shutter is like silk. The 1D shutter noise in comparison is like a, well, cannon.

7D, 700mm

1DIII, 1000mm

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