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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sacred few hours

Despite a sick daughter I managed to get out for a few hours on Sunday night, I was desperate to, the cloud cover and heavy showers meant no damn heat haze. So, positioned at a different edge I was ready to catch those wiley roe deer nipping out of the trees. well, that was the plan. What actually happened is they appeared from behind me and took huge notice of the strange square tree which had appeared. Had they come out as usual on the left the hide would have been shaded by the tree behind....not to be. But despite that little hiccup they did not run, simply kept a weary eye on me., but unfortunatley stayed at 90° to my hide. So out with the angle finder and forget all that stuff you read about long lens technique, resting your arm on the lens while shooting to avoid vibrations does not work at 90° :-| But there was sufficient light, and a wonderful lack of SUNSHINE and none of the usual dead grass in my shots!

7D, 500f4, 1.4TC, f6.3, ISO400

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