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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I hate summer!

First off we get alot of sunshine in Munich, usually on my days off, with not a cloud in the sky. What the heck is a nature tog supposed to do? Stay in bed I think.
Then we have the joggers and dog walkers. Lets not forget families out on their bikes looking for completely off the road tracks which nobody but the insane photographer would want to use...and they always manage to stop for a talk and a play RIGHT behind me!
Then we have the summer residents. Ants, they bite and the bites hurt. Mosquitoes, they too bite and itch like buggery. But the big freak of the forest has to goto these guys:

yes the forests and fields around here are full of ticks. Dozens crawing on my trousers, tripod, name it, they are on it. Best to avoid the long grass they say. Er, where do the wild things live?

You got it. Roll on winter. Yes, I have had my FSME vaccination ;)

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