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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The long and the wide of it!

That last few days I have of course been out with my tele and hide, and yes I have yet more roe deer images ;) I still do not have any IR shots of the badgers or foxes, I am sure they are there but my wild cameras dont seem to be seeing them.
But the fawns have been born, one can here them calling to mother while she stuffs herself with clover in the field. I must get some shots of them, simply must.

I also had time to test the Samyang/Walimex 14mm f2.8 lens this weekend. I bought it initially to use on the 7D for videos requiring more than the 17mm I already have. The lens is impressively built and the apperture dial feels solid and clicks into place without force. It is a sharp lens and produces some stunning images. Of course though all this comes at a cheap price, which is the only bug bear. No auto focus, none, zero, nadda. This is a problem as I really am no good at MFing and I really dont want to change focus screens. I figured for video it would not be a problem, but of course I usually AF before starting any video shooting....a no go for me. So the lens went back but should they stick an AF motor on it, even the most basic of motors, it will be a worthy purchase. Here is a shot at 2.8 on the 5D. 

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